• "Dhvaj, Inc is Delaware corporation.
    It comprises of a number of
    enterprises in the Healthcare,
    Medspa, Hospitality, and Real Estate
    spaces in the United States
    Clara Adams

Welcome to Dhvaj, Inc.

Dhvaj, Inc. is a newly formed company that serves as the oversight and strategic operations organization the companies under its control. Jayesh Sheth, M.D. is Chairman of the company, James Wesp is CEO, and Darshana Sheth, M.D. is Chief Medical Officer. Currently, there are five (5) distinct operating units within Dhvaj, Inc.


To be the market leader within our operating sectors; growing an innovative and dynamic organizational portfolio; providing professional growth opportunities for our associates and business partners.


Develop and deploy services to enrich our communities and enhance quality of life.

Business Sectors











Company Profile

MCFI EB5 Possiblity Center

MCFI – the Midwest Center for Foreign Investment (www.mcfiusa.com) is the fundraising arm of the organization; leveraging EB-5 investments from foreign nationals through USCIS to help underwrite the development efforts of our various growth companies. MCFI is led by Leigh Bodenheimer with a staff of three associates


MDOM – MDOfficeManager is the oldest company in the portfolio. Started by Dr. Jay Sheth and his brother, Mitesh, as a way to manage his newly-started practice in Gerontology seventeen (17) years ago, MDOM has grown into a nation-wide and international practice management system. MDOM is a practice-based electronic health record (EHR) with revenue cycle management (RCM) services primarily located in India. MDOM is MIPS (MU-3) certified. The company prides itself on its ability to fully customize around its clients’ needs and to offer services in an a la carte format; not forcing the client to purchase the entire platform to be able to utilize one or two of its services. The company is led by Suhas Gandhi, Chief Information Officer and Marc Andry, Operations Manager.

The Clark's Landing

THE CLARK’S LANDING – The Clark’s Landing (TCL) is a historical redevelopment project at the site of the old Colgate Palmolive plant in Clarksville, Indiana. The plant, which produced toothpaste, only, for the last several years, closed its doors after over 80 years of operation in 2008. Prior to Colgate acquiring the property back in 1926, the facilities operated as a prison dating back to 1867; hence the historical significance of the buildings and grounds. Dr. Sheth purchased the property in 2009. Currently, the company is working with Marriott Corporation and Encore Enterprises to repurpose the prison and associated buildings into a hotel and multifamily accommodations within the next 24 months. With over one million square feet under roof, additional projects are planned to create retail and office space connected by large atrium structure in the courtyard of the complex. This operation is led by Dr. Sheth and James Wesp, CEO.


North Clark Community Hospital

NORTH CLARK COMMUNITY HOSPITAL - Previously St. Catherine Regional Hospital in Charlestown, Indiana before entering Chapter 7 bankruptcy in March of 2015, Dr. Sheth purchased the building and grounds from the bankruptcy court in May, 2015. Since the acquisition, extensive upgrades to the physical plant have been undertaken to bring the building into current NFPA-2001 code compliance to ready it for reopening as a hospital. Prior to that, NCCH continues to provide outpatient services through its affiliate, North Clark Medical Group (NCMG). Charlestown, Indiana is at the north end of the River Ridge Commerce Center, a 6,000 acre industrial park development that encompasses most of the old Army Ammunition Depot developed during WWII. The ammunition plant was decommissioned in the late 1990s and the land was turned back to Jeffersonville and Charlestown, respectively. With the opening of the east end bridge across the Ohio River and the significant growth of the Commerce Center, Charlestown and the North Clark communities are already experiencing significant growth. The reopening of the hospital will be a key factor in this continued growth. This operation is led by James Wesp, CEO.


Amerejuve is a health and beauty company that focuses on Laser Hair Removal, CoolSculpting, Botox Injections, and other associated products and treatments to enhance and improve the physical attributes of clients without the use of invasive procedures. Dr. Sheth purchased the Amerejuve brand in 2015 in Houston, Texas. The eight existing stores have been enhanced or relocated to create a retail presence and increase the visibility the operation. Additionally, the brand has been expanded to Atlanta, Georgia with five (5) store sites added to the portfolio in the northwest sector of Atlanta during the last 15 months. Future brand growth to other metropolitan locations is contemplated in 2018. This operation is led by Dr. Sheth and Epris Althen, Market Director.

Primary Care Plus

uses a state-of-the-art electronic medical record (EMR) to keep all of your health information secure, up-to-date, and instantly accessible.


Jayesh Sheth, MD


Darshana Sheth, MD

Chief Medical Officer

Suhas Gandhi

Chief Information Officer